Libro para Diseño de Equipos

2 Jan

Chemical Process Equipment Selection and Design – Walas, Couper & Fair – 3th Edition

El Walas es de los mejores libros para el diseño de equipos en Ingeniería Química, el texto se divide en los siguiente capítulos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Flowsheets
  3. Process Control
  4. Drivers for Moving Equipment
  5. Transfer of Solids
  6. Flow of Fluids
  7. Fluid Transport Equipment
  8. Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers
  9. Dryers and Cooling Towers
  10. Mixing and Agitation
  11. Solid-Liquid Separation
  12. Disintegration, Agglomeration and Size Separation of Particle Solids
  13. Distillation and Gas Absortion
  14. Extraction and Leaching
  15. Adsorption and Ion Exchange
  16. Crystallization from Solutions and Melts
  17. Chemical Reactors
  18. Process Vessels
  19. Membrane Separations
  20. Gas-Solid Separations
  21. Costs of Individual Equipment


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